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How come to our company

You can fly directly to Shanghai ,Hangzhou or Yiwu Airport. 

We will pick you up at the airport.

We have 2400 square meters of exhibition hall. More than 30,000+ models of samples in our showroom.

Our Address:Address:Building 2#,GKflowers,Fuhou Road,

                    XiaoShunZhen,JinDongQu.Jinhua,Zhejiang.China..ZIP:321035. (+ 86-15867943333)

How to come to China:

If you need we can offer invitation letter, and free pick-up airport services.

(Shanghai / Hangzhou / Yiwu / Tianjing/Beijing/Guangzhou / Shantou, Jieyang / Shenzhen/Xiamen/Qingdao/Jiangsu/Xuzhou)

Find factories:

We can offer more than 2000+Artificial flowers in all over the China,

We can bring to the factory directly to make sure that you can purchase the best price and check the actual production capacity of the factory.

Factory purchase

We will offer a free translator to follow you to go to the factories

as usual the translator have good and enought experience,they can offer some good suggestion for you,

and they will make recode all the detail of goods, such as factory item No. ;customer No.;Height ;

diameter of flower heads;the style of material;packing( how many inner box);price ; 

and which port is good for this factory and so on.

Goods export

Our company have professional experience in exporting, we will prepare all documents for the shipping company

If you want to know more about GKFLOWERS

Please contact us: E-mail: export@gkflowers.com  Tel:+86-15867943333

China Artificial flowers factory.

Tianjin:We know about 800+factories there but all is Small factory.Mainly produce single flowers and price is the cheapest. 

             But the factories don't have too many experise in export busniess

             they often have some small problem such as the deliver time not the same as they promise.One 40 HQ production time is 30-45 days.

Hebei:We know about 100+factories there.we buy many leaves .grass balls and lawn. The price is cheap .

Yiwu:We know about 200+factories there.we will lots of very cheap bouquets such as funeral flower.

         Yiwu factories must buy the material from another factories , and they make together. 

         So the color and some details are not the same as samples, that's why you need one trade company to help you to check the quality. 

         We wil pay more attention for Yiwu factories.

Shantou: We know about 300+factories there.one area you can search lots of factories, mainly produce mixed bouquets and grass bouquets.

                The price is not cheap and the design is soso.

Huizhou: We know about 300+factories there. Mainly produce sigle flowers and flower heads, 

                the price is expensive than Tianjin, cheaper than other cities, 

                but they can keep good quality and good deliver time , as usual they can finish one 40 HQ 60-85 days.

Dongguan: We know about 200+factories there. The flowers' quality is a little high,and price is expensive than other cities. 

                    One 40 HQ production time is 60-90 days.

Foshan: Only about 20 factories there, the kinds of items are not so many, 

              but they can deliver the goods as they promise, one 40HQ container production time is 50-70 days.

Xiamen: We know about 50+factories there.the highest quality of artificial flowers in China the factories are all have good experience in exporting business. 

               One 40 HQ the production time is 75-90 days.

Zhuhai:We know about 50+factories there.

Zhongshan:We know about 50+factories there.

We know more than you think.If you want to know more  about the artificial flowers factories, please contact us .

We are professional export agent of purchasing artificial flowers.

We have our own office in each area of artificial flowers’factories.

Yiwu Artificial flowers agent office            Tianjin Artificial flowers agent office            

Tell:+86-15867943333                                   Tell:+86-15857946158

yiwu@gkflowers.com                                     tianjin@gkflowers.com

Huizhou Artificial flowers agent office       Xiamen Artificial flowers agent  office

Tell:+86-15857946198                                   Tell:+86-13045795678

huizhou@gkflowers.com                                xiamen@gkflowers.com

Dongguan Artificial flowers agent office    Shantou Artificial flowers agent office

Tell:+86-15257911000                                    Tell:+86-15857949298

dongguan@gkflowers.com                             Shantou@gkflowers.com

Zhongshan Artificial flowers agent office   Hebei Artificial flowers agent office

Tell:+86-15857942328                                     Tell:+86-15857943758

Zhongshan@gkflowers.com                            Hebei@gkflowers.com


Qingdao Artificial flowers agent office        Hongkong Artificial flowers agent office 

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